Social Sewing: Where to Start

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Have an idea but don't really remember how to thred the machine, or keep getting into stitch pickles that the internet can't unpick with it's lack of hands-on know how, and hands? The Royals are here to help, sit down and be prepared to get schooled. Sew schooled. Ages 12+.


Friday, Dec 2712:00PM - 1:00PM$10.00 [Ages 12+]
Friday, Dec 271:00PM - 2:00PM$10.00 [Ages 12+]
Saturday, Dec 2812:00PM - 1:00PM$10.00 [Ages 12+]
Saturday, Dec 281:00PM - 2:00PM$10.00 [Ages 12+]
Sunday, Dec 2912:00PM - 1:00PM$10.00 [Ages 12+]
Sunday, Dec 291:00PM - 2:00PM$10.00 [Ages 12+]
Monday, Dec 3012:00PM - 1:00PM$10.00 [Ages 12+]
Monday, Dec 301:00PM - 2:00PM$10.00 [Ages 12+]
Tuesday, Dec 3112:00PM - 1:00PM$10.00 [Ages 12+]
Tuesday, Dec 311:00PM - 2:00PM$10.00 [Ages 12+]
Wednesday, Jan 0112:00PM - 1:00PM$10.00 [Ages 12+]
Wednesday, Jan 011:00PM - 2:00PM$10.00 [Ages 12+]

The Artist

Carol Wilmot

Carol has a fascination with upcycling items using repurposed treasures both in the home and garden. She has a friendly outgoing personality, enjoys sharing her know-how and is looking forward to encouraging others to create their own unique masterpi... Read More