Pottery on the Wheel

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Get your hands into clean mud and make a pot or two! Experience the potters wheel and the magic of forming with soft clay using handmade tools. And in the evenings... Get your Patrick or Demi on for Ghost with the Potters of Woodfordia! After sunset, enjoy an evening on the wheel with live music. Ages 13+


Friday, Dec 279:30AM - 11:30AM$48.00 [Ages 13+]
Friday, Dec 2712:30PM - 2:30PM$48.00 [Ages 13+]
Friday, Dec 273:30PM - 5:30PM$48.00 [Ages 13+]
Saturday, Dec 289:30AM - 11:30AM$48.00 [Ages 13+]
Saturday, Dec 2812:30PM - 2:30PM$48.00 [Ages 13+]
Saturday, Dec 283:30PM - 5:30PM$48.00 [Ages 13+]
Sunday, Dec 299:30AM - 11:30AM$48.00 [Ages 13+]
Sunday, Dec 2912:30PM - 2:30PM$48.00 [Ages 13+]
Sunday, Dec 293:30PM - 5:30PM$48.00 [Ages 13+]
Monday, Dec 309:30AM - 11:30AM$48.00 [Ages 13+]
Monday, Dec 3012:30PM - 2:30PM$48.00 [Ages 13+]
Monday, Dec 303:30PM - 5:30PM$48.00 [Ages 13+]
Tuesday, Dec 319:30AM - 11:30AM$48.00 [Ages 13+]
Tuesday, Dec 3112:30PM - 2:30PM$48.00 [Ages 13+]
Tuesday, Dec 313:30PM - 5:30PM$48.00 [Ages 13+]
Wednesday, Jan 019:30AM - 11:30AM$48.00 [Ages 13+]
Wednesday, Jan 0112:30PM - 2:30PM$48.00 [Ages 13+]
Wednesday, Jan 013:30PM - 5:30PM$48.00 [Ages 13+]

The Artist

Potters of Woodfordia

Instigators of Illuminated Hands performance pottery and Pigtail Day, these potters are masters of clay fun. With combined experience of over 100 years at the wheel and multiple awards, meet Isaac, Grant, Linda, Bec and Kari at the Woodfordia Pottery... Read More