The following key points are Camping Lore at Woodfordia

Please leave your campsite cleaner than you found it (Woodfordia Wildlife thanks you).

The Volunteer Campgrounds are all carefully pre-allocated; the first thing you should do when arriving at the camp site is check in with Happy Campers (the team of friendly volunteers who will look after you and the campgrounds).

All campgrounds are rudimentary, and we cannot guarantee shade or flat ground. Hot showers and permanent amenities blocks are situated in all Crew Campgrounds.

There is no dump site at Woodfordia, so if you have your own chemical toilet, please remember that you will be unable to dump any waste while on our site – the closest dump point is at the Woodford Showgrounds. Please do not use our bathrooms to dump chemical waste.

Unless you are sleeping in your car you will be asked to move your car to long-term Parking (East Point Parking, Eastern Bloc). Space is limited on site. We ask that you do your best to only take up the space that you believe you need. We encourage you to create a communal space within your department to conserve space for other tents and campers.

Water is a limited resource on site so please limit your shower time.

There are no powered sites at Woodfordia. If you require power for medical reasons, please go to
the accessibility page and complete the online form. There is no fee to upgrade to the Accessible camping sites if this is required.


These are the Campgrounds on site during Woodford Folk Festival

All volunteers are welcome to camp for free in their allocated campground with their immediate family (even if your family are not volunteers). If your family members are coming in as patrons, please bring them to the Happy Camper tent to get a wristband that will give them access to the Crew Campgrounds.


Cloudland (Volunteers and Organisers Campground)
This campground opens on 8 December and is mostly allocated to build crews.
There is a steep hill climb to get to it.
~5 mins walk to precinct.

The Prairies (Volunteers and Organisers Campground)
Opens 24 December, mixed groups, festival period crews. This campground has overflow capacity. ~15mins walk over moderate hill to precinct.
There is a shuttle bus and the BGF Company will be located at Clancy’s.

The Meadows (Volunteer & Performer Campground)
Opens 25 December, stages and venues managers and from 26 December, open to performers.
~15mins walk over moderate hill to precinct. There is a shuttle bus to Greenroom.

Amphitheatre Valley (Ceremonies Crew)
Opens early-December, for Ceremonies Crew only, very limited space.  
~10 min walk to precinct.

Grand Canyon (Stallholders & Essential Services)
This campground opens on 1 December and mostly allocated to stallholders and essential services crews.
There is a gentle incline to reach this campground.
~5 mins walk to precinct.

These campgrounds are allocated to Performers and Staff at the festival by request only.
Space is very limited in these campgrounds and even if you have been allocated here before, it is possible you may be allocated to another area unless you are specifically required to camp here.

Sleepy Hollow
(behind Children’s Festival) 
Opens early December, for Organisers and Performers only
~3min walk to precinct.

(behind Bob’s Bar towards the Amphitheatre)
Opens early December, for Organisers and Performers only. By request and allocation. Densest number of residents.  
Space is tight. ~3-5min walk to the precinct.


Season Camping (Patron Camping – Volunteers can upgrade to camp here)
This campground is only open from Christmas Day. Any Organisers, Performers, Volunteers or Stallholder staff will join the queue with patrons and may not enter before them.
Any volunteer wishing to camp in Season Camping is required to pay a $130 upgrade fee ($70 for youth upgrade). This must be purchased online prior to your arrival (link is in your ticket email).

Volunteers camping in Season Camping will need to join the queue with patrons in order to set up their camp from 8am on 25 December. If you have upgraded to Season Camping and need to get into the campground on 25 December, you will not be required to pay for the Christmas Day upgrade. You will, however, need to collect a second wristband for access into the campground. You will be able to collect this at the drive-thru gates (after waiting in the queue). If you wish to have your car with you in Season Camping, you will also need to purchase a Vehicle at Campsite pass ($80) online and prior to your arrival (link is in your ticket email).

The Woodford Showgrounds (Patron and Volunteer Camping)
This year we are partnering with the Woodford Showgrounds for additional camping. This camping option has proven very popular and has sold out online for patrons. There is a section of this campground reserved for volunteers where power may be available. Festival volunteers with large buses or oversized caravans will camp at the Showgrounds where it is flat. Please note that we can only run power to campervans, camper trailers and buses. We are unable to run power to a tent. There will be a regular shuttle bus running from the Showgrounds to the precinct – we estimate that it will take about 8 minutes each way. If you would like to be assigned here, please reach out to the volunteer’s team at

Please head to the Volunteer Camping FAQs for for more information.

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