Vollies Make Our World Go Round

Vollies Make Our World Go Round

While our wonderful performers get the official ‘star’ billing, we save our very special applause for the quiet stars of our events – the Volunteers.

We have over 2700 folks from all over Australia and the world contributing to the creation and operation of the festival.

As well as building our beloved festival, the Woodfordian vollies make sure the streets are clean; patrons get their wristbands; everyone has a place to camp and park; performers are taken care of; the festival shop can sell their CDs along with a wide variety of important tasks behind the scenes.

The spirit of Woodford is the spirit of volunteering, the spirit of giving of oneself to help produce a world-class event.

Thank you for all that you do; your hard work and cooperation; your spirit and kindness; your smiles and sense of play; and your inspiring generosity. We couldn’t do this without you.

Photography by Jody Gilchrist
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