Near Bluestown

10.00AM – 2.00AM
(2.30AM NYE)

Specialty Drink: Scurvy Sailor

Destination Bar

10.00AM – 2.30AM
(3.00AM NYE)

Near the Halcyon

11.00AM – 1.00AM
(1.30AM NYE)

Specialty Drink: Bloody Mary

Near the Luna

10.30AM – 3.30AM
(4.00AM NYE)

Specialty Drink: Pink Grapefruit Sour

Near the Cirque

11.00AM – Till Late

Specialty Drink: Espresso Festini

True North BarNear the: Amphi

7.00PM – 11.00PM
(12.30AM NYE)

Specialty Drink: Whisky Ginger Sour

Near the Grande

11.00AM – 2.30AM

Specialty Drink: Watermelon Margarita

Combined Bar and Venue

11.00AM – 3.00AM
(4.00AM NYE)

Specialty Drink: Shampoine

Near the Parlour

12NOON – 2.30AM
(3.30AM NYE)

Specialty Drink: Espresso Festini and Strawberry Fields

Destination Bar

11.00AM – 1.30AM
(2.00AM NYE)

Specialty Drink: Elderflower Bellini

Combined Bar and Venue

10.00AM – 1.30AM
(2.30AM NYE)

Specialty Drinks: Whisky Sour and The Lemon Myrtle

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