The bars at Woodford are as diverse as the programme, each with their own distinctive charms. They are the best place, bar none to: chill out, catch up, jump in and wind down. There are 12 bars on site: pick the ones that suit your mood and meet some like-minded souls.

Near: Bluestown

10.00AM – 2.00AM (2.30AM NYE)

Destination Bar

10.00AM – 2.30AM (3.00AM NYE)

Near the: Halcyon

11.00AM – 1.00AM (1.30AM NYE)

Near the: Luna

10.30AM – 3.30AM (4.00AM NYE)

Near the: Cirque

11.00AM – 11.00PM

True North Bar

Near the: Amphi

7.00PM – 11.00PM (12.30AM NYE)

Near the: Grande

11.00AM – 2.30AM

Combined Bar and Venue

11.00AM – 3.00AM (4.00AM NYE)

Near the: Parlour

12NOON – 2.30AM (3.30AM NYE)

Destination Bar

11.00AM – 1.30AM (2.00AM NYE)

Combined Bar and Venue

10.00AM – 1.30AM (2.30AM NYE)

The Amphitheatre Bar

Near the: Amphi

7.00PM – 11.30PM (1.30AM NYE)