Make to wear, make to use – flower crowns, incense holders, and mixed media treasure pieces.


There’s nothing like being in a cathedral constructed of tall trees and wide sky, deep blue and star-studded. The gentle grassy slope of the Amphitheatre gives way to a mosh-pit the size of a football field, with space for 25,000 to enjoy outdoor concerts and ceremony under the stars. The Amphi is home to our Welcome Ceremony, four nights of fantastic feature concerts a New Year’s extravaganza and the annual Fire Event. Two bars – the Amphi and True North – mean that you’ll be well refreshed if you plan on staying up here for the night.

Mecca Xmas Lunch 2018


Find the silliest, funniest you with daily clowning workshops; relax with Cool Kids’ Yoga or learn What’s Inside some of those every day things! Learn chess and be in a tournament! Experience Science’s Big Bang, learn to tie-dye, and do some things with the big people in your life!


The Children’s Festival’s craft workshop hub is where a plethora of activities abound including bags, calendars, lavender eye pillows, junk robots, caps, storytelling and many more activities turning nothing into a wonderful something.



Pick up a cup of herbal tea and head to the Blue Lotus, nestled in a beautiful shady creekside grove- the Festival’s home of wellness and healing. Talks, workshops and forums invite conversation from some of Australia’s premier practitioners and open the door for involvement. The Blue Lotus hosts meditation in motion – and then by night dance and out-there musical chanting, dance and meditation experiences. The Blue Lotus is a venue for adventures of the heart, mind and soul. BYO yoga mat and water to all yoga classes. All sessions before 8:30AM are available for Season Campers only.



Nestled snugly into a natural amphitheatre, Bluestown is a jewel, a hideaway dance shack to sweat it out with soloists, new bands, old bands, up and comings, and International super-stars – it’s all brands of the Blues in a smokin’ hot venue, and home to a great bar, too.



The closest that we’ll ever get to having a ‘backstage’ bar, Bob’s Bar (named in honour of our very good friend) occupies a tucked away corner of the site, but explodes with activity first thing at the blink of your bleary eye – from the morning yuk it up sessions, to special intimate sessions with a plethora of artists who’ve wandered in from across the programme. A fine place for a drink, eat and catch up with new and old friends, over entertainment. Each afternoon is punctuated with Upswing and Martin Pearson – raising spirits with songs of yesteryear!



Settle in for hands on craft and art activity – with clay beads, book binding, body art and marionette making.


Tricks, toys, and tons of fun, that’s what you can expect at Circadia, a play space for all ages. Set inside a cheerful circus tent, with plenty of room on the grass outback, when it comes to getting hands-on in circus, this is your place. Workshops by day provide the opportunity to try stilts, diablo, juggling, manipulation, acro and more. Woodfordians aged 13 and over can drop in for a one-off workshop, or set yourself a challenge for a week’s worth of new skills – with shows demonstrating skills that you can pick up later!



This Children’s Festival venue hosts plate-spinning, diablo, acro-balancing, tightropes, performance circus and more.



Circus returns with more seats, more splendour and more spectacle in Cirque, a giant circus tent rising proudly just inside the gates to the Festival – and this year some sweet sounds from the accompanying bar – The Jumble.



Woodford’s tradition of participation comes alive in the festival’s cracking public house, the Coopers Bar. Tunes and songs ring out, beckoning Woodfordians to gather their instruments, limber up the vocal chords and join the fray. From foot-tapping Celtic tunes to good old-time and bluegrass standards; rollicking sea shanties to Beatles hits, there’s something for everyone in these acoustic sessions. Use the Music Instrument Cloakroom (MIC) to store your instruments while on site, for a small fee.



The back room of the Coopers Bar – yes, the Beergarden – is generally open to anyone – but this year for the first time we’ve got a couple of special events for which you’ll to register. Check them out and check in at the bar – but the rest of the time, enjoy the leafy glade that seems to make the beer so much tastier.


From yoga to folkloric dance through to cultural dance parties every night, the Dancehall is the place to go to get physical – let’s hear your body talk. Listen with your feet and hear other languages translated into a myriad of dance possibilities through workshops, performances and concerts. Indonesian, Hip Hop, Balkan, Ritual Dance, English Vintage Dance, Salsa and a variety of Indian dance workshops will prepare you for dance events that offer a dance/show experience guaranteed to have you swing, saunter, samba and salsa your way through your six days.



Sculpt the earth into pots, cups, or decorative pieces that are yours to keep in wheel thrown pottery workshops.



Celebrating 50 years on from John and Yoko Lennon’s ground-breaking Montreal Bed-In for Peace, it’s time to raise the message of collective consciousness, standing together: “people power”. Carrying on the work of late, great Brisbane rock writer Ritchie Yorke – John and Yoko’s confidant and peace envoy for their War is Over Campaign 1970. Embedding Peace want to reach a new generation of peace activists and give them the encouragement and tools to build a better future and really Give Peace A Chance.



When we need lots of space and lots of air, we head outside in the Children’s Festival!



Folklorica is the main host for the World Folklines programme, which presents the rituals, dance, music and songs of the many folk traditions that have come to Australia over the past 220 years. Folklorica comfortably seats a couple of hundred Woodfordians – many of whom come to Woodford to specifically seek this rich programme at a lovely, breezy venue.



Take your seat under the stars and the Crow’s Ash for sitar recitals, shadow puppets, Qawalli singing lessons and Highland drumming displays, outside Folklorica.



Drop in and settle down when you turn fibre into form with our slow-moving wandering weavers.


Not so much a venue as a meeting place for Festival walks and wanders, and the place to stock up on those things you’ve forgotten and run out of. Most Walks and Wanders start here.



Our second largest venue, the Grande is in a beautiful grassy natural amphitheatre with ample shade, so you can choose how close you get to the music. The Grande has seen it all – folk heroes, jazz luminaries, rockstars, solo pianists aided with a bottle of red, and some pretty incredible countdowns to the New Year. Rock, world, folk, dance, speakers, comedians and instrumental excellence, it’s all on stage at the Grande.



Settled comfortably into a leafy glade, the GREENhouse is a hive of activity for the honest and hopeful, respectful and resolute, the critical and concerned, awake and aware. Amidst a fantastic programme of green and social ideas and issues, you can ask questions, network and share your knowledge and experience with farmers, scientists, futurists, green innovators, comedians and all manner of experts who willingly share their wisdom and experience.



Before the Festival begins, this is the lively workers’ bar and kitchen, roots that are retained when the venue moves into its 6 day role as the hub of the Festival. Duck and dive into banjo, guitar, sweet harmony, a capella, interesting instrumentals, percussion sessions or just laze around in the cool new environs of this year’s transformation – you may see echoes of the past. Halcyon Days are here again!



The Hilltop is home to our tongue-in-cheek Hollywood style ‘Woodfordia’ sign and is a great place to retreat, relax and enjoy stunning views of the Glasshouse Mountains and get a different perspective of the Festival. Greet the day with unplugged guided yoga sessions, make the annual pilgrimage along a winding lantern lit path to the Hilltop to enjoy the final sunset of the old year during the Sunset Ceremony and renew your spirit as the inspiring New Year’s Sunrise Ceremony announces the dawn of the New Year over the crooked back of Mt Beerwah.



Jinibara custodians and artists have been crafting artefacts throughout the year, for demonstration and sale at the Jinibara Gallery. Clapsticks, woomera and spears are among the beautiful work that you can explore here.



Robin Clayfield and her troupe of ceremony weavers, musicians and artists create a magical space to enjoy at your leisure or in community ceremony, walking meditations or by receiving beautifully penned inspirations. Djuelu the Village Scribe can capture your musings, and beautiful music may accompany those wandering the Labyrinth in their own time.


Since its humble beginnings in Artisania in 2013, The Lettering House has awoken a new and thundering passion for the hand-written word. Letter writers and receivers flood this space daily to experience this one-of-a-kind postal service. The Lettering House opens its doors daily, providing stationary with a twist, some sturdy desks and a typewriter or two. Postage is free for all onsite missives or $2 to post offsite. Please note that the postal service does its best to deliver every letter, but cannot guarantee delivery on site, especially after the 31st. All letters must be collected by 5:00PM on WED, or they are consigned to the flames…

FRI – TUES 9.OOAM – 10.00PM
MON 9.00AM – 5.00PM


The Librarians are the guardians of the Woodfordian branch of the Municipal Library Network – The Library of the Leaves. Here, tales are told, ideas are bandied about, literary types cavort, prance, frolic and lark enthusiastically. Perhaps a seed of fiction is the cause of an affliction or a subtle plot twist is causing you indigestion? All topical solutions are possible, probable and plentiful.



This newly placed space in the centre of the Festival offers concerts for listening, gigs for dancing, comedy for laughing, morning talks and daily discoveries, as well as the Festival Director’s report on the final day. There’s something for everyone here, and you’ll fall under the spell of La Luna while time stands still for a cool little while, as the buzz continues around you.



The home of learning in the Children’s Festival features explorations of frogs, bees, dance, and the wonderful minds of Woodfordia’s Children.



Specially programmed within the Children’s Festival for the preschool ages 1-5 years old, this venue offers a swag of fun and simple workshops that will keep little fingers busy along with music and dance.


Find the One Ring to Rule Them All – or something like it, when you create your own silver ring or necklace in the Nook.


It’s clay play for days Out There! The Children’s Festival offers long sessions of drop in workshops for little fingers to get into muddy mischief.



The Parlour embraces the wordy and the wordless as simmering circus and burlesque artists sidle up to barbershop quartets, swing dancers and international puppeteers for a slice of the best romance, comedy and good times. With workshops and stage shows, the Parlour is the place to get your fancybone tickled in a variety of ways, from cabaret to comedy, vaudeville to old-fashioned swing and soul. The Parlour Bar sets the tone of the entertainment, here.



Sounds like fake news but the Pineapple Lounge and her adorable conjoined twin, Shampine, were born a decade ago, this festival. Joined at, by and for the hip, our legendary duo celebrates double figures with a unique nightly double-act: a shape-shifting Pineapple house-band carving out fresh-cut grooves and later (until much later) Woodfordia’s only DJ spinning his juicy hip-swivelling set.

Woodford Folk Festival


A place for ceremony and reflection (literally), the Pond is home to four nights of spectacular shows from 7.00PM – 7.30PM. It’s also the place where our Festival Bell tolls to commence the 3 Minutes of Silence.



Pull a few strings and discover the Puppet Joint. Puppets of all persuasions- sock and glove puppet making, puppet performance pranks and puppet stuff – it’s a plethora of puppet ponderings not to mention story telling.



Swing by here to book or check in for your already booked workshops.


Reclaim, repurpose and renew with the Queen of the Rummage, Carol Wilmot. With sewing machines, know-how and an abundance of ideas – not to mention a mountain of fabric, second-hand clothes, trimmings, trinkets and all manner of found items – the Queen with her fearless Rummage Royals will work with you to repair and renew your threads. Book into a workshop or drop in and use the machines to repair and revamp your items for free. For a small fee, the Royals can make repairs for you. Bring an outfit or choose one from the recycled rack and add some flare to it. Come and rummage through this veritable treasure trove of possibilities.


Stardust Theatre presents the best of Children’s Festival entertainment – puppetry, performance, mime and music.



Express yourself in the collaborative illustrative/word mashup/storytelling of zines, or just drop in to play and dream in the free-form creative space.



The Festival of Small Halls has found its true spiritual home, a tiny venue modelled on the country halls of Queensland (most specifically, Degilbo). Small, high quality ensembles, gentle and emotive folk music, and a scattering of workshops revive the tradition of a community meeting place and listening room, complete with porch, scones and tea (on the first and last days, anyway). By night the venue briefly transforms for the Tiny Dance Experience, where a limited number of tickets are available for would-be dancers to learn some steps and then party hard for 30 minutes – and this year has one late night foray again into dance for Prom Night, the school dance you wish you had.



The streets of Woodfordia belong to all of us – perusing the craft stalls for treasures from other lands, becoming spellbound by surreal street characters and fantastical parades or sitting down to a meal from the many stalls offering mouthwatering, healthy or indulgent foods. The Streets are one of the most wonderful ways to feel the effects of the 3 Minutes of Silence. Through the clamour of the bars, the ring of guitars, the shuffle of feet, and bustle of the street, Woodford’s living symphony is created every day. Walking, talking and gawking are never enough.



The Talking Circle is a dedicated venue for discussions and ideas generated by and directly affecting First Nations people – an exciting programme of talks and dialogue exploring social issues, country, commerce and art in a relaxed and entertaining format. It’s also the home of The Feast, this year brought to you by a collaboration between Dale Chapman Dilly Bag and Chris Jordan Three Little Birds (Feast tickets are essential and must be booked online).



Here, beautiful traditional weaving styles are displayed in workshops that encourage you to sit, breathe and enjoy the process of creation.


It’s a reused, recycled but definitely not reduced space this year – whet your whistle in the eclectic surrounds of our newest bar that celebrates the joy of the unique, complete with crackerjack prize of Literal Literary Dance Troupe, Rebel Bingo and other assorted bar time pursuits that are far from trivial.


The Loft de-complicates some complicated looking processes – mosaic making, building with Zome Tools, and weaving, and escalates some of those school days habits – like drawing with markers and biro – to an artform.


Gentle weaving workshops settle in next to the Talking Circle, so that you can enjoy the ideas from the stage while you learn about traditional weaving techniques or contribute to an installation.


Shaded by mature hoop pines and overlooking Clyde’s Pond, the Village Green is the heart of the Festival. With activities taking place throughout the day, the Green is also a great hang out for families, with area to enjoy a picnic lunch or have a snooze. Mornings begin with tai chi and traditional dance and then a beautiful shaded space is left to the devices of festivillians, until afternoons open for traditional dance, yoga and slackline. Nights are given over to a feature show on the Pond, and then, left to chance.



Let the circle be unbroken when you learn and connect from artists carrying workshops in the spirit of Tradition. Daily clinics from Andrew Clermont finish off days full of intermediate and full-time no cost instruction on fiddle, bodhran, guitar, whistle and mandolin and banjo as part of our Music Camp. Leave the festival armed with the basics in a new instrument or built skills on an old favourite.

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