The Tree House ‘Quandong Dream’

The Tree House ‘Quandong Dream’

At The Planting, we have found so many ways to work with bamboo. A great example of this is the ‘Quandong Dream.’ Also known as ‘The Treehouse’, it was created by participants as part of a two-week masterclass group in partnership by Wan We-Chih, Sydney Art Collective and Cave Urban.

Nestled in the junction of a mature Quandong tree, it is proof of the ever-evolving relationship with the use of bamboo that Woodfordia has in its festivals.

‘Quandong Dream’ is one of a number of large-scale sculptures using bamboo which have existed on the festival site for years. Bamboo is an incredibly cheap material with which to build our sculptures, portable buildings, shade, fencing and many other products for festival purposes.

With the beginnings of a new Bamboo forest being planted, you can be sure there are many other projects being dreamed up for creation in the future. When passion, creativity, exceptional ideas and innovative technology are brought together, unique concepts like ‘Quandong Dream’ are achieved.

Inspiring curiosity as to what the next ingenious creation could be, ‘Quandong Dream’ is a striking piece of the landscape for many to enjoy


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