Stallholder Applications Now Open

Stallholder Applications Now Open

By Essie Valmadre 

Imagine a fleeting but mighty township. It’s people – deeply kind, unapologetically themselves and full of a yearning to feed mind, body and soul. For six days and six nights at the end of the year, this very place and these very people exist in a paradise that is known as Woodford Folk Festival

Here, the streets are lined with stalls, cafes, bars and restaurants that seem to hail from our dreams. Each one is, in its own way, bright, bold, mouth-wateringly delicious and impossible to bypass. How would you like to be one of the merchants in this exquisite outdoor emporium? 

Stallholder applications for Woodford Folk Festival 2019/20 are open now

A stall at the folk festival provides you with a lucrative opportunity to meet your people, who form an audience of over 129,000. You will, over seven days of trade, be able to sink into the awesome ambience and atmosphere that is Woodfordia. 

Woodford Folk Festival is committed to offering up a platter of unique and quality products and services made by local producers, artisans, food vendors and alternative health practitioners. So, if one of these categories speaks to you, it’s time to apply. 

Stalls Manager, Robyn Kelly, say that stallholders make an undoubtedly significant and palpable contribution to the spirit, life and culture of Woodford Folk festival. 

“We think of our stallholders as shareholders, investing in the festival in order to create a memorable experience for our patrons,” she says. 

“We’re looking for stalls that are able to create a beautiful atmosphere that blends in the with the aesthetics of the festival.” 

Robyn advises that applicants hoping to trade at this year’s festival should pay special attention not only to the written part of their submission but also the accompanying documents. 

“I would recommend including several photographs, preferably of the stall trading at a market. Photos are important because they highlight the effort that is required to make this festival special.” 

If this has tickled your fancy, do not delay! Stallholder applications close at midnight on 1 August 2019. For more information and applications click here. 

All successful applicants will be notified by e-mail so be sure to keep on top of your inbox. 

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