Prom Night at Woodford Folk Festival 2019/20

If you weren’t ‘you’ when you had your prom, formal or school dance, 20 years ago or two weeks ago, this is the night to reclaim it. The imperfect nature of this supposed enchanted night has left many of us longing for a do over. Taffeta, tulle, tuxes and tunes – if you’re looking for a chance to be OUT while you twist and shout, whether you’re a wallflower or a dancing Queen, all colours of the rainbow are welcome at Woodfordia’s Prom Night. Featuring beautiful albeit cringe-worthy transitions from soulful hits to tender slow dances. Please note that crimped hair, silken gloves and big frills will be heartily welcomed.

Fulfil your dreams at 11PM Saturday 28 at the Small Hall. Get your festival tickets here.

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