Valda Biezaitis and Ance Deksne have explored Latvian music and their cultural heritage for years. They mainly play the kokle – an ancient Latvian string instrument. By combining the use of ethnographic kokles, stabule and vocals, they present traditional Latvian music.

Latvija: Ancient Harp Song

From Latvia, sung dainas – ancient verses of people, nature and gods – with stringed instruments, kokles (known as ancient harps or psaltery), stabule (woodwinds) and vocals.

Sat, Dec 2812:00PMFolklorica

Ice Mountains in Harp Light

Sung Latvian dainas are accompanied by kokles, stabule and vocals. The kokle is an ancient Latvian harp whose music is described as the sound of the Latvian soul – melancholic, smooth and deep.

Sun, Dec 2910:30AMFolklorica