Yuki Taniguchi

A spellbinding performer, Yuki embraces the light and darkness of existence through dance. She is a dancer of butoh, Japanese dance theatre, and chhau, Indian martial dance. This is a breathtaking collaboration with multi-instrumentalist James Scott and Indian classical sarangi maestro Sangeet Mishra.

Butoh: Sublime Dance of Darkness

Mesmerising and evocative, Butoh engages and touches something deep within. Encounter a portrait of a woman embracing the light and darkness of existence.

Mon, Dec 3012:00PMFolklorica

Japanese Theatre: Butoh Dance

Experience a dance theatre practice originating in the avant-garde art scene of post- war Japan. Become immersed in Butoh by emptying your body and letting it speak.

Tue, Dec 3111:30AMDancehall

Butoh: Theatre of the Surreal

The unfolding of this breathtaking collaboration of Butoh dance theatre and music has the ability to engage and touch something deep within, achieving transformation.

Wed, Jan 011:00PMFolklorica