Yogi Kunga

Originally from Tibet, Kunga lived in exile in Dharamsala before coming to Australia in 2010. Kunga has studied Hatha yoga systems, traditional Tibetan healing practices and Buddhist philosophy.

Singing Bowls Pure Harmonics

Tibetan singing bowls are a vibrating bell with a rich, deep tone, traditionally used as a meditation tool by casting a subtle ethereal sound.

Sat, Dec 288:30AMFolklorica

Tibet: Yoga and Sound

The yoga experience is enhanced by the meditative sounds of the Tibetan flute and singing bowls.

Mon, Dec 308:00AMFolklorica

Indian Traditional Hatha Yoga

Kunga draws on Hatha yoga systems offering balance and harmony.

Tue, Dec 318:30AMDancehall

Tibetan Yoga for Relaxation

Thought to be more than 2,500 years old, Tibetan yoga assists in grounding, purifying and aligning the chakra system.

Wed, Jan 018:30AMDancehall