Yarrabah Cultural Dancers

Located in an Aboriginal community 50 minutes from Cairns, these 12 dancers are a family group that includes children, young adults and elders. This is an opportunity to see traditional dancers presenting authentic dreaming stories handed down over generations.


Fri, Dec 276:10PMVillage Green
Sat, Dec 2810:00AMVillage Green
Sat, Dec 286:10PMVillage Green
Sun, Dec 2910:00AMVillage Green
Sun, Dec 296:10PMVillage Green
Mon, Dec 3010:00AMVillage Green
Mon, Dec 306:10PMVillage Green
Tue, Dec 3110:00AMVillage Green
Wed, Jan 0110:00AMVillage Green

Yarrabah Customs

This workshop provides participants with a history of Yarrabah through storytelling, dance, language and visual arts, including body painting and didgeridoo playing.

Fri, Dec 274:15PMTalking Circle