Woody Clarke

Woody tours with his family band and his mobile ukulele school.

Woody's World

Imagine Dr Suess at a Teddy Bears Picnic at Woodstock. Hop on a rollercoaster of musical fantasy and family fun.

Fri, Dec 27 12:30PM Stardust Theatre

The Ukulele Kids Show

Discover one hundred ukuleles, choose one and then play along to the story of Jasmina as she uses music to overcome her troubles.

Sat, Dec 28 9:30AM Stardust Theatre
Mon, Dec 30 4:25PM Stardust Theatre
Wed, Jan 01 9:30AM Stardust Theatre

Let's Play - Woody's World

Help Woody’s World launch their new album and celebrate with secret guests, puppets and an imaginary tour bus full of kids. That’s you!

Tue, Dec 31 2:00PM Stardust Theatre

Flash Mob Gathering

Join Woody and friends for a ukulele practice like no other. Learn the art of being inconspicuous and then, ta da, time to be a flash mob.

Wed, Jan 01 10:30AM Stardust Theatre

Ta-Ta till Next Time Concert

A stupendous farewell concert from your favourite festival performers — and a big thank you to the wonderful mentors who have lovingly shared their skills and knowledge this week. It’s a giant hooroo ‘til next time, with love, from us to you.

Wed, Jan 01 3:00PM Stardust Theatre