Woodford Morris Dancers

Singing, dancing, marching, clashing, hankies waving, bells ringing: Woodford Morris bring the timeless morris tradition to all and sundry. The Woodford Morris Dancers are a mixed team of representatives from around the country (and sometimes the world).


Sat, Dec 284:00PMOn the Streets
Sun, Dec 293:30PMOn the Streets
Mon, Dec 304:45PMOn the Streets
Tue, Dec 313:30PMOn the Streets

Pagan English Ritual Dancing

Experience firsthand, the dance rituals of traditional English morris dancing. Learn a little of this ancient dance tradition closely linked to midsummer, fertility and the harvest.

Fri, Dec 274:30PMDancehall

Jiggity Jig Morris Dance-Off

A morris jig challenge can be fiercely competitive and lots of fun. Setting the stage for a performed battle, the dancers are engaged in a dialogue of music, dance and witty repartee. Cheering and stamping are expected.

Sun, Dec 292:30PMFolklorica

Pagan New Year Dance-Up

Ancient morris traditions are linked to a magical world when English midsummer ritual revelling celebrates the turning of the year with dance and glee, and you are invited to participate.

Tue, Dec 3110:45PMDancehall