Wildlings Forest School

Fierce nature play, adventure play and rights advocates, Wildlings Forest School aims to get more children outdoors reaping the social, emotional and physical benefits of being in nature.

Nature Garlands

Using native weed species such as camphor laurel and cats claw, weave a gorgeous nature garland to wear and celebrate the week.

Fri, Dec 2710:10AMPuppet Joint

Why Children Need Risky Play

‘Safe as possible’ or ‘safe as necessary’? Wildlings Forest School presents the need for educators and parents to embrace risky play opportunities for children in nature.

Sat, Dec 281:30PMGREENhouse

Children\'s Rights Through Education

Why are our children currently losing their freedom and rights in schools? Where exactly is this happening and how is it affecting their development? Parents and teachers alike, find out what you can do.

Tue, Dec 313:45PMGREENhouse