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Graham is an award winning teacher in science, technology, engineering and maths.

Adventure Science

Learn knots, tie up a rope bridge and then traverse. Make a clay oven and learn some first aid!

Fri, Dec 2710:15AMBig Ideas

Ocarina Making

Mould clay to convert a paperweight into a musical instrument made from dirt, sticks, stones and straws.

Sat, Dec 2810:15AMBig Ideas

Games Parents Play - Fun Youngsters Have

Join Graham, a parent, a grandparent, teacher and scout leader for redesigned games to play and to teach the young, traits that help for life. For parents and children.

Sun, Dec 2910:15AMBig Ideas

Gravity Science

Do some balancing acts, design and make some birds, and then explore inertia.

Tue, Dec 3110:15AMBig Ideas