Featuring some of most respected performing artists – Leah Cotterell, Annie Peterson, Saskia Vanderbyl, Michael Peterson, Jamie Clark, Seamus Kirkpatrick, Tavis Ellem and Martin Pearson – let go and be enveloped in pure joy with popular music.

Happy Hour

Swing, swoon and sway to a joyful revival of the golden era of tinpan, stage and screen. Luscious three-part vocals with jumping mini big band vaudeville swing will lift your spirits.

Fri, Dec 275:00PMBob’s Bar
Sat, Dec 285:00PMBob’s Bar
Sun, Dec 295:00PMBob’s Bar
Mon, Dec 305:00PMBob’s Bar
Tue, Dec 315:00PMBob’s Bar
Wed, Jan 015:00PMBob’s Bar