The Squeaking Tribe

A touring exhibition of marionettes and interactive effigies, The Squeaking Tribe was established in 1996 by Sol and now joined by wife and partner Sara Lee. The Tribe meticulously creates by hand hundreds of individual, fully- functioning marionette puppets for performance, play and aesthetic display.

EYELAND: A Death in Fishtown

Something strange is happening in Fishtown. The waters which sustain them have turned bad, the local townsfolk don’t appear to care, and a cast of shady identities all seem to have something to hide. It is a baffling mystery and a simple dockhand, along with their playful sidekick, intend to find out what’s behind it all. A classic film noir whodunnit with an oceanic twist, combining puppetry, cosplay and physical the- atre and featuring an original live score by Skyeater. Directed by Erica Brennan and The Squeaking Tribe.

Sat, Dec 28 7:00PM Pond
Sun, Dec 29 7:00PM Pond
Mon, Dec 30 7:00PM Pond
Tue, Dec 31 7:00PM Pond