The Sacred Union Labyrinth Band

Sacred and spirited music for the Ceremonies is provided by Andy Copeman, Adhi Bail, Rebecca Ray and Guthala Doyle.

Open the Labyrinth and Add Your Beauty

Participate in opening the Labyrinth for the festival by adding beauty from nature and your own purposeful intentions.

Fri, Dec 27 10:00AM Labyrinth

Playful Beauty on the Magic Path

Discover the magic within yourself as you explore and seek treasures hidden within the enchanted candlelit Labyrinth. As always, the path leads to the heart.

Sat, Dec 28 7:30PM Labyrinth

Solid Foundations for Life, Love, Everything…

Explore the elements that provide a firm and steady path for you to walk. Let them inform and inspire your journey as they become your dance of celebration.

Mon, Dec 30 7:30PM Labyrinth

Set Intentions for the New Year.

Invite in what you most dream of for the coming year and the next decade. Dream big and dream loudly for our beautiful world and for all beings.

Wed, Jan 01 2:30PM Labyrinth