The OM People

With over 30 years combined experience in yoga and meditation, Josh Blau and Irene Ais share the transformational power of Hatha yoga.

Boundless Heart Masterclass Yoga

To engage with the world with integrity we must build an open, powerful heart and understand how to stay connected to our centre.

Fri, Dec 275:00PMVillage Green

Awaken The Serpent

Focus on a complete physical practice with bandhas, pranayam, mantra and cultivation of energy in order to evoke kundalini energy at the base of the spine.

Sat, Dec 289:00AMBlue Lotus

Boundless Heart Masterclass

Imagine yourself completely relaxing, allowing your body to sink through the ground.

Mon, Dec 305:00PMVillage Green

Kirtan Heart of Devotion

Join Josh and Irene for a kirtan to open the heart. Based on ancient chants, kirtan has the ability to quiet the mind if listened to with intention.

Mon, Dec 309:45PMBlue Lotus
Tue, Dec 319:15PMBlue Lotus