The Lee Hardisty Band

Jon Worsley, Nathaniel Combes, Hayden Hack and Lee Hardisty make great music together. Lee has spent a lifetime traveling and playing.

Open Your Heart

Explore connected breath to soften, open your heart, welcome vulnerability and come into deep presence with dance, heartshares and a visionary breath journey.

Fri, Dec 275:00PMBlue Lotus

Create Miracles

Move stuck emotions, open to creativity and saturate yourself in life force energy, discovering how breathwork can create miracles of consciousness.

Sun, Dec 295:00PMBlue Lotus

Pilates and Yoga Fusion

Explore a traditional pilates practice with yoga and relaxation to finish.

Mon, Dec 307:30AMBlue Lotus
Wed, Jan 019:00AMBlue Lotus

Connect with Your Inner Child

Explore a laughter warm-up, channel the youthful voice inside and go on a visionary journey to remember innocence and feel more self-love for the new year ahead.

Tue, Dec 315:00PMBlue Lotus

Create Heaven on Earth

A breathwork ceremony will encourage guidance from your heart, higher self and soul, anchoring a vision for how best to serve in 2020.

Wed, Jan 015:00PMBlue Lotus