The Kevin Borich Express

With 52 years of professional experience, Kevin has jammed with Santana, Bo Diddley, Richie Blackmore, Taj Mahal and more. He came to Australia in the 60s with The La-De-Das, and is now a living legend and Australian Blues Foundation Hall of Fame inductee.


Wed, Jan 0112:40PMBluestown

Blues Breakfast BBQ

Can’t make your usual trip to the hardware store this week? Fear not, we’ve got a snag in bread ready for you, along with music and conversation from the best of the Blues programme, hosted by The Kevin Borich Express.

Fri, Dec 2710:30AMBluestown
Sat, Dec 2810:30AMBluestown
Sun, Dec 2910:30AMBluestown
Mon, Dec 3010:30AMBluestown
Tue, Dec 3110:30AMBluestown