Tenzin Choegyal

Born into a family of Tibetan nomads on the Tibetan/Nepal border, Tenzin is now an outstanding internationally recognised vocalist playing the dranyen lute and lingbu bamboo flute. He has performed alongside Philip Glass and other notables at Carnegie Hall, New York.

Singing Bowls Pure Harmonics

Tibetan singing bowls are a vibrating bell with a rich, deep tone, traditionally used as a meditation tool by casting a subtle ethereal sound.

Sat, Dec 28 8:30AM Folklorica

Spiritual Homeland

What space does the land we feel connected to hold in our spiritual practice, and how does that change when we are removed from it and can’t return? Tenzin Choegyal and The Monks of Tibet discuss.

Sat, Dec 28 5:40PM Talking Circle

Prayers for World Peace

Ritual prayers and the ceremonial turning of the prayer wheel are directed toward enhancing world peace through good intent as well as the power and influence of the monks deep harmonic chant and other Tibetan spiritual practices.

Sun, Dec 29 5:30PM Hilltop

Tibet: Yoga and Sound

The yoga experience is enhanced by the meditative sounds of the Tibetan flute and singing bowls.

Mon, Dec 30 8:00AM Folklorica

Songs of Himalayan Nomads

Born into the nomad tradition, Tenzin has the extraordinary vocal ability to sing across valleys. His songs reflect Tibet’s deep blue skies, love of nature and vast landscapes where yaks, horses and herders roamed.

Tue, Dec 31 9:00AM Folklorica

ABC RN Wisdom Talks: Home is Where The Heart Sings

Tenzin was exiled from his homeland, Tibet. He connects to the wisdoms and traditions of his homeland through song. Fiona is a Scottish tradition bearer of Scots songs and ballads now continuing her passion in a new home – Australia.

Tue, Dec 31 11:00AM Folklorica

Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra

Tue, Dec 31 6:30PM Folklorica Outdoor Stage

Hilltop Sunrise Ceremony

Experience the first sunrise of 2020 at the spectacular Hilltop venue, accompanied by chanting from the Monks of Tibet, along with Tenzin Choegyal and guest musicians. This is the 20th anniversary of this ceremony.

Wed, Jan 01 4:15AM Hilltop

Mandala Dissolution Ceremony

The sand mandala is complete and now represents in miniature, the cosmos – metaphysically and symbolically. It is ready to be dismantled and dispersed, in this, a ritual demonstration of impermanence.

Wed, Jan 01 5:00PM Folklorica