Venerable Tenzin Chodron

Tenzin Chodron is a Buddhist nun in the Tibetan tradition who has studied Buddhist philosophy and worked in Spiritual Care for Karuna Hospice Service during the past 19 years. In addition, Chodron has many years’ experience as a social worker, counsellor, group facilitator and presenter. Karuna Hospice Service provides nursing, psychological and spiritual support for people with life- limiting illnesses, to help them live well and die peacefully. The service is underpinned by the Buddhist value of compassionate care.

Buddhist Approaches to Palliative Care

Venerable Tenzin Chodron will share stories of real people and their lives and how they have been touched by compassionate care. Karuna supports people in living a meaningful and happy life while embracing uncertainty and change.

Tue, Dec 3110:45AMGREENhouse