Tango Ascua Transparante

A tango collective of musicians and dancers steeped in the passionate traditions of tango, flamenco, salsa, gypsy, jazz and blues. If your heart can afford to skip a few beats, watch tango dancers Elischa Swan and Sergio Torres Pacheco.

Tango Cheek to Cheek

With dusty feet and joyous soul, tango with Elischa and Sergio. Beginners and experienced dancers can explore the connection and embrace that transforms a walk into a timeless dance.

Mon, Dec 30 7:00PM Dancehall

Divine Dance of the Heart

Tue, Dec 31 7:15PM Folklorica

Tango: Dancing into the Fire

Dancing the intensity and richness of the tango music has the very real potential to connect hearts. Enjoy this exposé of tango dance and music laid bare.

Wed, Jan 01 4:00PM Folklorica

Last Tango in Woodford

Elischa and Sergio teach the tango techniques and essence of an improvised tango form so you can enjoy your last chance tango dancing to live music.

Wed, Jan 01 5:30PM Dancehall