Sunita Tikare

Sunita is an outstandingly melodious classical North Indian vocalist trained in the famed Jaipur-Atrauli Gharana Gayaki. A recipient of many prestigious awards, she has been admired by many for her talent, including former Prime Ministers Indira and Rajeev Ghandi.

Bombay In Morning Light

Hear soulful Hindustani singing and sarangi violin reminiscent of old Bombay, when the music rooms were filled with exhilarating Hindustani sounds until the first blaze of morning light.

Fri, Dec 279:30AMFolklorica

Melodic Beauty of Indian Ragas

Outstanding melodious vocalist, Sunita Tikare and 8th generation sarangi player, Sangeet Mishra, continue on the pathways defined by the old masters of the rich Hindustani Indian classical music tradition through the moods and emotions within the raag.

Sun, Dec 293:45PMFolklorica

Indian Music Under the Stars

Enjoy a glorious evening under the stars listening to intricate and graceful classical Indian Hindustani singing accompanied fearlessly on the sarangi and tabla.

Mon, Dec 307:00PMFolklorica Outdoor Stage

Indian Sunset Concert

Enjoy the last sunset of 2019 with music following the Indian tradition of enhancing the evening hours with ragas for spreading the serenity of the late afternoon into twilight. Featuring classical singer Sunita Tikare with sarangi master Sangeet Mishra.

Tue, Dec 315:30PMHilltop

ABC RN Wisdom Talks: Soul Singers, The Divine Voice

In this exploration of the divine voice in all its glory, you’ll hear perspectives from a Sufi qawwali to a classical Hindustani with guests Farhan Shah, Sunita Tikare and others.

Wed, Jan 0110:30AMFolklorica