Stephen Millard

A senior leader in the Northern Rivers Bushwalker’s Club (NSW), Stephen has led day and multi-day walks across Australia and a high altitude trek through the Indian Himalayas. His meditative, deep ecology walks have become one of the Club’s most popular events.

Deep Ecology Movement Talk followed by Forest Walk

Stephen’s aim is to help participants draw closer to nature and introduce them to the idea of using ‘forest therapy’ in their journey towards personal wellbeing. His talk will be followed by a forest walk, naturally (approximately 60 minutes).

Tue, Dec 318:45AMGREENhouse

Deep Ecology Forest Walk

Deep ecology walks draw people closer to nature and are an exercise in forest therapy. You will begin your walk around the Woodford forest with a meditation on the ‘web of life,’ breathing carbon dioxide out to the trees and receiving oxygen back into your lungs and becoming mindful of all the creatures in the bush around you. Young people to be accompanied by an adult companion, please.

Tue, Dec 319:15AMGREENhouse
Wed, Jan 018:00AMGREENhouse