Shirley Gnome

An award-winning Canadian songwriter and cabaret performer who will sing you obscenely honest songs about sex and human nature that will have you in stitches. Her cleverly carnal lyrics go down smooth with her inappropriately gorgeous vocals and catchy folk/rock/pop melodies.


Tue, Dec 3110:30PMParlour

Come Again?

Meet Shirley Gnome, the dark, sexy and over-the-top cabaret comedian extraordinaire. Her all-original country, folk, pop and soft rock songs about sex and human nature are hilarious, uncensored, honest, subversive, witty, empowering and not for the faint of heart. (Mature content.)

Fri, Dec 2711:40PMParlour
Sun, Dec 2911:50PMParlour

Comedy Club

The end of another decade... what with political turmoil, climate change, fidget spinners or some kind of bucket challenge, there’s been plenty of tragic material for comedians. Let the tears from the era keep rolling... along with the laughs.

Sat, Dec 287:30PMLuna

Deluxe Cabaret

A feast for the senses, Deluxe Cabaret is a smorgasbord of the best the Parlour has to offer. Take your fill of puppetry, mime, comedy, circus, song and dance as our hosts serve up the best acts to tempt and delight you.

Mon, Dec 307:30PMParlour

Pot Luck

When you’re as multi-talented as these folks putting together a platter of songs, stories, jokes and general entertainment is an easy ask. Strap in and hold on - and bring your late night snack to enjoy in the spirit of Pot Luck!

Tue, Dec 317:30PMSmall Hall