Sangeet Mishra

Coming from a long line of sarangi masters in India’s holiest city, Varanasi, Sangeet has performed with leading classical music artists in India and around the world, revived ancient Indian music sarangi playing styles and performed for Bollywood movies.

Bombay In Morning Light

Hear soulful Hindustani singing and sarangi violin reminiscent of old Bombay, when the music rooms were filled with exhilarating Hindustani sounds until the first blaze of morning light.

Fri, Dec 27 9:30AM Folklorica

The Worldly Violin: India. Romania

In this concert the mood is upbeat, and at times, hypnotic. From the fulsome sounds of the 38 stringed Indian sarangi violin to the fancy, dance-y, wild gypsy violins playing music from Romania to Russia.

Sat, Dec 28 10:00AM Folklorica

Melodic Beauty of Indian Ragas

Outstanding melodious vocalist, Sunita Tikare and 8th generation sarangi player, Sangeet Mishra, continue on the pathways defined by the old masters of the rich Hindustani Indian classical music tradition through the moods and emotions within the raag.

Sun, Dec 29 3:45PM Folklorica

Indian Music Under the Stars

Enjoy a glorious evening under the stars listening to intricate and graceful classical Indian Hindustani singing accompanied fearlessly on the sarangi and tabla.

Mon, Dec 30 7:00PM Folklorica Outdoor Stage

Indian Sunset Concert

Enjoy the last sunset of 2019 with music following the Indian tradition of enhancing the evening hours with ragas for spreading the serenity of the late afternoon into twilight. Featuring classical singer Sunita Tikare with sarangi master Sangeet Mishra.

Tue, Dec 31 5:30PM Hilltop

Sarangi: Colours of the Soul

Tue, Dec 31 9:45PM Folklorica

Hilltop Sunrise Ceremony

Experience the first sunrise of 2020 at the spectacular Hilltop venue, accompanied by chanting from the Monks of Tibet, along with Tenzin Choegyal and guest musicians. This is the 20th anniversary of this ceremony.

Wed, Jan 01 4:15AM Hilltop

Raags: Serene to the Ecstatic

The raga is considered the mystical expressive force at the heart of Indian classical music. When played in this early evening time, it builds and spreads its final ecstatic flourish into this, the last night of the festival.

Wed, Jan 01 6:00PM Folklorica Outdoor Stage