Sam Harrington

Sam is an aquacultural engineer/technologist who has research and design and hands-on management experience in aquaculture bioremediation systems. After completing his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering he chose to pursue a Masters of Aquaculture as he saw great potential in aquaculture systems to alleviate the pressures on global climate.

Building with Zome Tools

Explore the future of architecture with our hands-on 3D geodesic modelling adventure that challenges conventional rectilinear thinking. The ZomeTools are modular construction sets of struts and connector balls you can use to create geodesic polyhedra. Design your new world with Sam Harrington!

Fri, Dec 27 9:00AM The Loft $10.00 [Ages 12+]
Sat, Dec 28 3:00PM The Loft $10.00 [Ages 12+]
Sun, Dec 29 6:00PM The Loft $10.00 [Ages 12+]
Mon, Dec 30 12:00PM The Loft $10.00 [Ages 12+]
Tue, Dec 31 12:00PM The Loft $10.00 [Ages 12+]
Wed, Jan 01 12:00PM The Loft $10.00 [Ages 12+]