Rukun Warga Bali

These Balinese cultural performers enthusiastically share their dynamic and intensely expressive traditional dances and epic dramas by presenting the amazing dance and puppetry story Tragedy at Krishkinda, a part of the Balinese Hindu epic the Ramayana.

Balinese Welcome Dance

Learn Balinese traditional ways through the basics of Bali’s dances – from the dance positions and ways to move, to facial expressions, including those amazing eye movements.

Fri, Dec 2710:30AMDancehall

Bali. Kalimantan (Borneo) Spirit Dance

Myth, magic and mystery embodies the Balinese dances and puppetry within the Ramayana story, Tragedy at Krishkinda, as well as the Dayak hornbill dances, named after the bird that holds significance and symbolism for the Dayak people.

Fri, Dec 271:30PMFolklorica