Roundabout Theatre

Creating interactive, participatory and immersive visual theatre and roving characters, Roundabout Theatre is one of Australia’s premier outdoor theatre companies. Over 14 years they have travelled to hundreds of festivals and events and delighted tens of thousands of people.

The Clouds Slow Show

Enchanting and ethereal, The Clouds will take you on a multi-sensory journey. Trichia and her giant garden snail, Helix, live together in Helix's beautiful shell, slowly travelling the world and enjoying the magic in simple things.

Fri, Dec 274:15PMOn the Streets
Fri, Dec 279:15PMOn the Streets
Sat, Dec 283:00PMOn the Streets
Sat, Dec 288:15PMOn the Streets
Sun, Dec 2911:20AMOn the Streets
Sun, Dec 298:45PMOn the Streets
Mon, Dec 303:15PMOn the Streets
Mon, Dec 308:00PMOn the Streets
Tue, Dec 3110:45AMOn the Streets
Tue, Dec 318:15PMOn the Streets