Rod Ferguson Tai Chi Master

Rod has been a full time professional tai chi qigong teacher for 43 years, and shares practical techniques that can be used every day toward continued improvement in your wellbeing.

The Wood Element

Awaken with the spiral green dragon and vibrant growth under glorious verdant trees.

Fri, Dec 27 6:00AM Village Green

The Fire Element

Stretch your arms and heart in a tai chi class for joy, enthusiasm and spirit, to soar like an eagle.

Sat, Dec 28 6:00AM Village Green

The Earth Element

Explore compassion, becoming centred and balanced, awareness and home – resources to be cherished.

Sun, Dec 29 6:00AM Village Green

The Metal Element

Breathe courage, acceptance and purity – explore the electricity and energy of the built environment around us through tai chi.

Mon, Dec 30 6:00AM Village Green

The Water Element

The morning by the creek you’ll explore the Tao – the soothing river of life, flow and stillness.

Tue, Dec 31 6:00AM Village Green

Happy First Day Tai Chi

Applying tai chi qigong principles of mindfulness assists in healthy ageing, as well as managing stress and fatigue on physical, mental and emotional levels.

Wed, Jan 01 6:00AM Village Green

Afternoon Tai Chi

Set up for a year of wellness.

Wed, Jan 01 5:00PM Village Green