Robyn's Creations

Robyn is a multi talented artist with skills including face and body painting, special effects, costumes and props.

Flower Crowns

Using fresh and dried flowers and vines, make a festival crown to last a day or all week.

Fri, Dec 27 2:30PM Big Paint

Crazy Hair

Learn how to create a new look you, using what’s on top of your head.

Mon, Dec 30 1:15PM Big Paint

Mandala Body Painting

Learn how to design and then create swirls on your back, belly or arms using paints, brush strokes, sponges and stencils.

Tue, Dec 31 2:30PM Puppet Joint

Arm Knitting

Using your arms as knitting needles, create a scarf or shawl with fabric off-cuts and wool.

Wed, Jan 01 10:15AM Big Paint