Four fellas singing a cappella in close harmony, creating a wall of sound that is hard to believe. They dress dapper and love those ringing chords. As part of Barbershop Harmony Australia, Rimfire are all experienced barbershoppers who love that good close harmony.


Sat, Dec 28 4:50PM Parlour
Sun, Dec 29 3:40PM Parlour

Barbershop Tags

Experience the joy of singing in harmony with the dapper lads of Rimfire. Enjoy learning a four-part close harmony.

Fri, Dec 27 10:40AM Parlour
Mon, Dec 30 10:40AM Parlour
Wed, Jan 01 11:30AM Parlour

Deluxe Cabaret

A feast for the senses, Deluxe Cabaret is a smorgasbord of the best the Parlour has to offer. Take your fill of puppetry, mime, comedy, circus, song and dance as our hosts serve up the best acts to tempt and delight you.

Tue, Dec 31 8:30PM Parlour