Reverse Garbage Queensland

This not-for-profit co-operative collects clean and safe industrial and commercial discards to offer to the community at low cost.

Junk Robots from Outer Space

From a pile of eco-friendly, salvaged discards, make a space robot with jet packs, solar panels and of course, super powers.

Sun, Dec 29 10:15AM Big Paint
Tue, Dec 31 10:15AM Big Paint

Mini Monsters

Create a creature to carry around, a cuddly one, a magical one, you choose!

Sun, Dec 29 1:15PM Big Paint
Mon, Dec 30 2:00PM Big Paint

Wind Chimes from Waste

Make a dangling sweet sound-maker from small salvaged bits and bobs. Learn the art of threading and tying.

Mon, Dec 30 10:15AM Big Paint
Tue, Dec 31 1:15PM Big Paint