Rebel Lyons

Rebel recently graduated from Queensland University of Technology and works as a performer/entertainer for Hooray Entertainment and Phoenix Entertainment. She is the head of Bogan Bingo for QLD and featured in the Common People Dance Project.

Rebel Bingo

Uncage your rebellious side! Just like regular bingo, except the numbers are pulled from our imaginations and the audience’s involvement! How many flavours do Baskin-Robbins ice cream sell? That’s the next number. Bingo meets trivia meets Twister meets Nerf guns like you’ve never seen before.

Fri, Dec 272:00PMThe Jumble
Sat, Dec 282:00PMThe Jumble
Sun, Dec 292:00PMThe Jumble
Mon, Dec 302:00PMThe Jumble
Tue, Dec 312:00PMThe Jumble
Wed, Jan 012:00PMThe Jumble

Ghost Stories

A Spooooooooky line up of storytellers drag you down dark path and weave tales to give you goosebumps, even at Woodford in summer.

Sat, Dec 288:00PMLibrary of the Leaves
Sun, Dec 298:00PMLibrary of the Leaves
Mon, Dec 308:00PMLibrary of the Leaves