Rabka Gold & Silversmiths

Based in Yowah (an historic opal mining town famous for its Yowah nut opals), Queensland, the team at RABKA specialise in handmade jewellery, corporate gifting and spreading the love of jewellery making with mobile jewellery workshops.

Silver Textured Earrings

In this one hour workshop with RABKA, you'll make your choice of three different shaped earrings and add a texture whilst learning basic techniques in silversmithing. Ages 14+.

Fri, Dec 279:00AMNook$58.00 [Ages 14+]
Fri, Dec 2711:00AMNook$58.00 [Ages 14+]
Sat, Dec 284:00PMNook$58.00 [Ages 14+]
Sun, Dec 299:00AMNook$58.00 [Ages 14+]
Sun, Dec 2911:00AMNook$58.00 [Ages 14+]
Mon, Dec 304:00PMNook$58.00 [Ages 14+]
Tue, Dec 319:00AMNook$58.00 [Ages 14+]
Tue, Dec 3111:00AMNook$58.00 [Ages 14+]
Wed, Jan 014:00PMNook$58.00 [Ages 14+]

Silver Textured Ring

Working over two hours with the skilled folks from RABKA, you'll learn silversmithing techniques to create your own silver ring and then decorate it with a choice of two textures. Ages 14+.

Fri, Dec 271:00PMNook$68.00 [Ages 14+]
Sat, Dec 281:00PMNook$68.00 [Ages 14+]
Sat, Dec 286:00PMNook$68.00 [Ages 14+]
Sun, Dec 291:00PMNook$68.00 [Ages 14+]
Sun, Dec 296:00PMNook$68.00 [Ages 14+]
Mon, Dec 301:00PMNook$68.00 [Ages 14+]
Mon, Dec 306:00PMNook$68.00 [Ages 14+]
Tue, Dec 311:00PMNook$68.00 [Ages 14+]
Tue, Dec 316:00PMNook$68.00 [Ages 14+]
Wed, Jan 011:00PMNook$68.00 [Ages 14+]

Silver Textured Pendant

Learn about texture with RABKA. In this one hour workshop you'll create a pattern on a silver disc and be introduced to some basic techniques of silversmithing. Ages 14+.

Fri, Dec 274:00PMNook$58.00 [Ages 14+]
Sat, Dec 289:00AMNook$58.00 [Ages 14+]
Sat, Dec 2811:00AMNook$58.00 [Ages 14+]
Sun, Dec 294:00PMNook$58.00 [Ages 14+]
Mon, Dec 309:00AMNook$58.00 [Ages 14+]
Mon, Dec 3011:00AMNook$58.00 [Ages 14+]
Tue, Dec 314:00PMNook$58.00 [Ages 14+]
Wed, Jan 019:00AMNook$58.00 [Ages 14+]
Wed, Jan 0111:00AMNook$58.00 [Ages 14+]