Peter Swain

A Warrabinga Wiradjuri Aboriginal poet and artist, Peter has exhibited his art in NSW, VIC, Italy and Austria. He enjoys sharing his culture with students of all ages and ethnicities, and runs cultural education for schools and organisations across NSW.

Poets Breakfast

Grab your coffee and settle in to enjoy daily featured poets and walk- ups. First-time poets are especially encouraged. Get your name down early and polish your poems for a chance to win the prize for Walk Up of the Year – a season ticket to next year’s festival.

Fri, Dec 27 8:00AM Bluestown
Sun, Dec 29 8:00AM Bluestown
Tue, Dec 31 8:00AM Bluestown

Aboriginal Tool Making

Warrabinga Wiradjuri man Peter Swain provides a hands- on insight into the ancient practice of tool making in NSW. Learn about the aerodynamics of boomerang making and transforming stone into axe heads.

Fri, Dec 27 12:15PM Talking Circle

Aboriginal Tools

Join Peter, a Warrabinga Wiradjuri man, and learn the ancient practice of tool making — the boomerang and transforming stone into axe heads.

Sun, Dec 29 2:30PM Puppet Joint

Raise a Glass

Join a toast to our evocative wordsmiths past and present by our featured poets, hosted by Jason and Megan Roweth. It’s poetry and story to warm your heart, and fire up your spirit, as you gather yourself for the new year.

Tue, Dec 31 4:00PM Small Hall

The First of the First Poets Breakfast

Celebrate the mighty potential of a shiny new year by sharing firsts of all kinds. Hear a last first thought for the festival from featured poets, and join us for the big announcement of Walk Up of the Year.

Wed, Jan 01 8:00AM Bluestown