Peter McLean

With a deep affinity for nature and the environment, Peter works across a range of printmaking techniques as well as drawing and installation, exploring the materiality of nature and our physical, emotional and spiritual relationships with place.

Nature Printing

Explore the textures and patterns found in nature and simple printmaking techniques to create sophisticated impressions that record the finest details of found objects. Combine these elements into playful records of your time in Woodfordia. Ages 14+

Fri, Dec 278:30AMBurrow$28.00 [Ages 14+]
Sat, Dec 2811:30AMBurrow$28.00 [Ages 14+]
Sun, Dec 298:30AMBurrow$28.00 [Ages 14+]
Mon, Dec 3011:30AMBurrow$28.00 [Ages 14+]
Tue, Dec 318:30AMBurrow$28.00 [Ages 14+]
Wed, Jan 018:30AMBurrow$28.00 [Ages 14+]