Peter Greste

Professor Greste is an Australian- born journalist, author, media freedom activist and academic. He is a founding member of the advocacy group, the Alliance for Journalists Freedom, and the UNESCO Chair in Journalism and Communication at the University of Queensland. He is also a regular contributor to the ABC, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Conversation, and The Guardian.

News, Interrupted

Peter discusses freedom of press, the media and legitimate journalism. In the wake of two raids on news organisations in June, there has been a public outcry, two parliamentary inquiries and a plethora of questions about what those raids really mean. Is freedom of press really under threat in Australia? And what does it all mean for our democracy?

Fri, Dec 279:00AMGREENhouse

Does Australia Need A Free and Independent Broadcaster: Hypothetical

The word has come that the ABC will be privatised, a Royal Commission has been set up on press freedom. What happens if we lose the ABC – and with it a free and independent broadcaster?

Fri, Dec 2710:45AMGrande