Permakids are passionate about teaching kids to care for the earth and all its animals, frogs, insects and people.

Habitat Creation

Make frog ponds and water landscapes. Tinker with a mower, make a scarecrow and weave from nature.

Fri, Dec 27 10:15AM Far Out

Nature Materials Craft

Weave and dye grass to make a basket and an edible flower necklace. Make a bamboo shelter and frog pond.

Sat, Dec 28 10:15AM Far Out


Make bamboo towers, frog ponds, shelters and design where to put chooks and gardens.

Sun, Dec 29 10:15AM Far Out


Tinker away, using hand tools to dismantle motors. Create frog ponds and jump into more weaving.

Mon, Dec 30 10:15AM Far Out

Bush Carpentry

Make a bush squatter’s chair using sticks, and a bamboo shelter to place it under. Create an edible flower necklace.

Tue, Dec 31 10:15AM Far Out


Pull machines apart to see how they work, make seed balls to flower bomb your garden and more water landscape play.

Wed, Jan 01 10:00AM Far Out