Pendragon Shoes

Jacqui and Adrian have been making handmade footwear under the label Pendragon for over 30 years. Being self-taught, they have a unique process they love to share with students, with creativity and comfort taking equal place in design.

Beginners Leather Sandal Making

Over three hours you will work and learn from Jacqui and Adrian from Pendragon to make your own pair of sandals – choosing one of three styles. You will hand dye and decorate the shoes, as well as sole them. Using pre-cut leather, you’ll be able to creative a finished pair to wear out into the festival.

Ages 16+

Sat, Dec 28 2:30PM Burrow $65.00 [Ages 16+]
Sun, Dec 29 2:30PM Burrow $65.00 [Ages 16+]
Mon, Dec 30 2:30PM Burrow $65.00 [Ages 16+]
Tue, Dec 31 2:30PM Burrow $65.00 [Ages 16+]