Once More Creative

Committed to providing workshops that are fun, inspire creativity and protect our environment, Once More Creative use natural materials and techniques where possible, and re-purpose materials which would otherwise go to landfill.

Altered Pages

Once More Creative will guide you to make a unique artwork based on a page from a discarded book. You will learn how to use patterns and colours to achieve a harmonious artwork. Basic watercolour techniques, line and patterns will be introduced in this course along with the application of metallic inks.

Fri, Dec 27 9:30AM Atelier $28.00 [Ages 10+]
Sat, Dec 28 3:30PM Atelier $28.00 [Ages 10+]
Sun, Dec 29 9:30AM Atelier $28.00 [Ages 10+]
Tue, Dec 31 9:30AM Atelier $28.00 [Ages 10+]

Monoprint Madness

Immerse yourself in a variety of printing techniques that you can reproduce at home. This includes reusing everyday items such as; cling wrap, leaves, bubble wrap, cardboard rolls, cutlery and even toys. Learn simple up-cycling hacks for creating artworks suitable for gallery or scrapbook.

Sat, Dec 28 12:30PM Atelier $28.00 [Ages 10+]
Mon, Dec 30 12:30PM Atelier $28.00 [Ages 10+]
Wed, Jan 01 12:30PM Atelier $28.00 [Ages 10+]