Niq Reefman

Electro-folk, klezmer-fusion entertainer Niq is an incredible one-man musical.

Poets Breakfast

Grab your coffee and settle in to enjoy daily featured poets and walk- ups. First-time poets are especially encouraged. Get your name down early and polish your poems for a chance to win the prize for Walk Up of the Year – a season ticket to next year’s festival.

Fri, Dec 278:00AMBluestown

The Wandering Troubadour

Mix trumpet playing, accordion squeezing and tale spinning and you have music from another galaxy.

Fri, Dec 272:30PMFar Out
Sun, Dec 292:00PMFar Out
Mon, Dec 303:15PMFar Out
Tue, Dec 313:15PMFar Out

The First Ever Pixies’ Breakfast Party

Calling all pixies and friends for a celebration of the first morning of the first day of 2020. Bring your furry friend, your pixie wings and wand, and join us for pixie songs and pixie breakfast flakes.

Wed, Jan 018:45AMFar Out

Ta-Ta till Next Time Concert

A stupendous farewell concert from your favourite festival performers — and a big thank you to the wonderful mentors who have lovingly shared their skills and knowledge this week. It’s a giant hooroo ‘til next time, with love, from us to you.

Wed, Jan 013:00PMStardust Theatre