New Earth Metta

Ben and Sara bring quartz crystal chakra bowls, yidaki (didgeridoo), North American flute, tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, hang drum, drums, ancient vocal toning, Sanskrit chanting to romance the soul and quiet the mind.

Yoga and Live Music

This practice is accompanied by crystal bowls, didgeridoo and voice.

Fri, Dec 277:30AMBlue Lotus
Mon, Dec 309:00AMBlue Lotus

Sound Bath

Immerse yourself in the ancient knowing that full relaxation, combined with breath, visualisation and divine music can help you transform your life.

Sun, Dec 299:45PMBlue Lotus

Yoga on the Green

Open to the new year with a beautiful balancing yoga and sound healing.

Tue, Dec 315:00PMVillage Green

Create Your Gratitude Practice

Sarah’s combination of vocal inspirations and sound healing help to create a realistic and solid foundation for your practice.

Wed, Jan 011:45PMBlue Lotus