Nancy Brown

Visual artist and printmaker Nancy brings traditional and contemporary printmaking skills to textiles, metal, ceramics, fresco and murals.

Festival Ditty Bag

Print a drawstring bag to keep your zero waste straw, spoon and serviette in. Mr Ditty Wah Ditty — a little song to sing along to your ditty bag.

Fri, Dec 27 1:15PM Big Paint

Very Cool Fans

Paint, print and decorate a fabulous fan to keep you cool all week.

Sat, Dec 28 10:15AM Big Paint

Shade Your Head Festival Cap

Make and print your own cap to keep you cool.

Sun, Dec 29 10:30AM Big Paint

Zero Waste - The Serviette

Print a festival serviette for your zero waste kit.

Mon, Dec 30 3:00PM Big Paint

Flourishing Feather Pens

Make your own brush. Scribe and draw in the old style in feathers and inks on curled parchment scroll.

Tue, Dec 31 10:30AM Big Paint

Festival Companion Pendant

Paint, print and carve your own design on this keepsake to wear all year long.

Wed, Jan 01 1:15PM Big Paint