Nadia Sunde

A multi-award-winning and acclaimed cabaret artist, songwriter, theatre actress, comedienne and former ABC radio presenter, Nadia shares live performance tools and techniques so you too can feel and be amazing every time you step onstage.

Music/Stage Performance Skills

There’s sometimes a missing link between great content and great performance. Nadia teaches tips for both.

Sun, Dec 29 6:15PM Circadia

Vocal Skills

Nadia Sunde shares techniques for accessing your unique voice with fun songs and activities that explore and develop vocal expression.

Mon, Dec 30 6:30PM Circadia


Learn how to work your lyrics and your music from Nadia Sunde, a songwriter in the folk tradition.

Tue, Dec 31 6:15PM Circadia

Music Camp Concert

If you’ve spent your festival picking up a new instrument, or new skills in the Music Camp, this is where it all comes together. Bring your family and friends to watch you play.

Wed, Jan 01 3:30PM Bob’s Bar