Mr Gorski

Known as Jango on ABC Kids’ Hoopla Doopla, Mr Gorski is on the run for being too entertaining. A master of manipulation and character, the multi award-winning, international performer Daniel Gorski brings out the child in everyone – this time with a political twist.


Fri, Dec 27 2:00PM Cirque
Sat, Dec 28 12:30PM Cirque
Sun, Dec 29 12:30PM Cirque
Mon, Dec 30 12:30PM Cirque
Tue, Dec 31 12:30PM Cirque
Wed, Jan 01 12:30PM Cirque

Deluxe Cabaret

A feast for the senses, Deluxe Cabaret is a smorgasbord of the best the Parlour has to offer. Take your fill of puppetry, mime, comedy, circus, song and dance as our hosts serve up the best acts to tempt and delight you.

Mon, Dec 30 7:30PM Parlour
Tue, Dec 31 8:30PM Parlour